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Colourful crockery!

coloured tableware Corals

Bring the sunshine into your home with the colourful Corals tableware from Terrafina. The different shades of light blue, dark blue and yellow are accented with a subtle glazed sheen. The tableware is handmade in Portugal. This gives the colourful tableware its beautiful organic round shapes and playful character. Each bowl and plate has a slightly different finish, making each piece of coloured tableware truly unique!

These bright colours come together beautifully on the matt brown background that forms the base of the coloured tableware. This unique cheerful and playful design is a treat and makes a statement on the table, for any season of the year. Also, the cups, sulks and serving dishes very nice gifts for both men and women to give on a birthday, housewarming or as an Easter present.

UNRO's choice

Do you like modern interiors with colour? Then the colourful tableware from the Corals tableware collection is the perfect choice. This handmade ceramic tableware has organic dark blue, light blue and yellow colours that playfully overlap and complement each other. This play of colours creates a unique design on the Portuguese tableware that emphasises the authenticity of this tableware set. Discover the versatility of this beautifully complete colourful dinnerware set now!

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