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beige tableware vieira beige

Beige tableware made of handmade ceramics from Portugal


The beautiful new Vieira Beige tableware from Terrafina is a beautiful tableware with sand colour. The matte beige finish of the tableware together with the organic shapes with a ribbed wide rim create a unique and chic look. This beige-coloured tableware looks great in any interior.


This beige tableware set includes a beige plates set of 4 cake plates beige and a beige dinner plates set of 4 plates made of ceramic from Portugal. Complete your beige tableware set with the large beige coffee cups and beige bowls.


This handmade ceramic tableware exudes tranquillity and creates a hotel chic table setting. So you can enjoy the luxury restaurant experience in your home. The unique design is reminiscent of a scallop shell and ensures a beautiful presentation of any dish.


Buy the large beige coffee mugs/theme mugs as a gift or enjoy them yourself during your daily coffee or tea moment. Want to go for the complete luxury table setting? Then choose the Vieira Beige dinner bid, breakfast plates and bowls and start enjoying cosy lunches and dinners at your home with family and friends!

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