Serving dishes

serving dishes portuguese tableware

Sustainable serving dish handmade

Unique, durable and handmade this beautiful serving bowl looks great in your home! Because the tableware from Portugal is handmade in an honest way, each serving bowl has its own personal character. The serving dishes from Terrafina and Cª Atlantica not only look very pretty but are also super multifunctional. For example, the serving dishes can be used as decoration on the table or to display candles and create a cosy or fun place in the house.


Serving together with beautiful serving dishes

Of course, the bowls are also suitable for presenting and sharing your snacks and dishes with your guests. A dressed table with delicious food served on unique Portuguese handmade ceramic serving dishes will complete your dinner party, won't it? Discover now the (Serving) bowls and small bowls! 🥣

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