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Espresso cups for lovers

Attention all espresso lovers! Especially for you, we have bought super nice espresso cups from the Portuguese brand Terrafina. Which cups appeal to you most? The Coffee, Sail or Corals cups or just those from the Amazonia Blue, Amazonia Cream or Amazonia Green collection? ☕️


Discover the art and craft of Portugal in our handmade ceramic espresso cups. Each cup is lovingly designed by local artisans, with attention to detail and authenticity. The vibrant colours and unique textures bring the rich Portuguese traditions to life.


Espresso cup with matching tableware set

Our matching tableware set has been carefully designed to harmonise perfectly with the espresso cups. Each piece exudes the same charm and quality, giving your table an elegant and warm atmosphere. Enjoy your favourite espresso in style, surrounded by Portugal's heritage and generations of craftsmanship! Surely this will make you happy! Check out our offer below. 🤩

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