Cappuccino Mugs

cappuccino mugs

Large Cappuccino Mugs

These modern Portuguese Cappuccino Mugs are perfect for, you guessed it, your cappuccino! In addition, these mugs are also the ideal size for a delicious cup of tea, hot chocolate, latte macchiato or chai latte! ☕️


Discover our lovingly handmade Portuguese large mugs with ear. Each piece exudes craftsmanship and adds a touch of warmth to your morning routine. Enjoy your favourite drink in style and experience the charm of authentic craft. Coffee with pastries never became so much fun, so almost every set of coffee cups also comes with matching cake plates available!


Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with our carefully crafted Portuguese cappuccino mugs with ear. Every sip will be an experience of craft and delight. Add a touch of Portuguese charm to your coffee moments or during a cosy high tea. 🇵🇹

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