Breakfast plates

breakfast plates

Small handy breakfast plates

These colorful Portuguese Ceramic Breakfast Plates are exclusively for sale in the Netherlands at UNRO. They are modern, versatile and made of high quality ceramic! The breakfast plates are made by hand in a fair manner in Portugal.


These versatile plates not only serve as the perfect surface for your breakfast. But they are also ideal as stylish cake plates for your favorite treats. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece exudes authenticity and charm, making every moment special.


Whether you buy them for yourself or give as a gift, these colorful ceramic breakfast plates are sure to be admired and leave a lasting impression. Bring the warmth and beauty of Portugal into your daily life and enjoy the art of dining!


There are matching ones for each breakfast plate dinner plates bowls, serving dishes and cups and mugs for sale. Mix and match these together or buy ceramics from the same collection so that your dining table is a beautiful whole. ❤︎

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